BTA, a feeling, a passion that lays deep within our hearts. Dreams and purposes reside somewhere inside each of us until they finally  take roots in our history ad then we can finally make them come true.

Big Team is a lifestlyle. It's about teaching and learning about the others, it's about proving that we are all special and that this world belongs to everybody and it is for everyone. A way of adding wuality to the lives of people, families, each history.

Big Team is thought out to walk along with those in need at a specific time in their jourey, no matter their age or condition.

Big Team is cmitted to any person with differet disabilities, they are the ones who fight everyday.

To their parents and siblings who walk this path with them. To their friends who ask how they are.

Big Team is strength, comitment and motivation in motion. Its our choice and we invite you to also choose us.
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